The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Art of Racing in the Rain written by Garth Stein from the point of view of a mutt named Enzo, commenting on the struggle of his owner Denny. Without getting into the specifics of the book, the owner goes through hard time after hard time, and the author takes you on this emotional roller-coaster from the dogs point of view. The Denny and Enzo both enjoy speed racing, where “Racing in the Rain” comes into play.

To be honest, this book was not my favorite. It was a VERY quick read, and I was a bit emotional during the first chapter, but after that I was reading just to finish. You know how the book is going to end from the tone of the book so I wasn’t engaged. I think this book would be great for a high school student, but otherwise I felt something sincere missing. I would read another book by the author, just not a sequel.

To note, there is another book titled “Racing in the Rain: My Life As a Dog” written by the same author for younger readers. I haven’t read that book, but if it is written like the first book with less dejected scenarios (which can bring more realistic emotion) it is probably a decent book for young adults.

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